Basic Settings
Distortion@Displacement Maps
Can Distortion be Adjusted?
Texture 1 and Texture 2
Texture 1 and ‚Q-color Scale
Move Texture 1 and Texture 2
Rotate Texture 1 and Texture 2
Scale Texture 1 and Texture 2
Lets display and edit parameter-related information.

Initial Value If you edit the initial values
the values will be displayed in blue.
To go back to the initial values
right-click to get the context menu and return to the initial values.
Edit and select multiple nodes simultaneously Parameters with different values will be displayed in red.
Value Edit

Right-click above the number edit field to display a window for selections such as "Reset to default value".
Freely set the number of digits with "Set number of digits".ithe default is 3 digits)

Menu Bar
‡@Open Open all Inspector items
‡AClose Close all Inspector items
‡BAutomatic Open/Close Open/Close selected items
‡C¨Horizontal Line up Inspector items horizontally

‡DBasic Settings Settings related to playback of effects
‡EGenerate Items related to the generation of effects
‡FGenerate-Form Items related to generated form of effects: point and cube and ball and cylinder (4 types)
‡GMove Set move type and its values for speed and acceleration
‡HRotate Set rotate type and its values for speed and acceleration
‡IScale Set scale type and its values
speed and acceleration
‡JColor Change and set colors
‡KBlend Set blend type
possible to control from Timeline
‡LMaterial Set drawing controls and set drawing method
‡MTexture Specify image and set drawing type and animation pattern
‡NDistort Distort quad forms
‡ODetails Set quad type
billboard and polygon and facing and polyline and directional and directional polyline (6 types)
Set to "Soft"

œReads in and saves tab changes
Read in and save changes to each tab.
Perform operations from the display menu by right-clicking on the blank space within the tab.

Reset Return values to the default values.
Copy/Paste Copy all tab values and paste them to a different node.
Import Transplant tab values from a saved tab to this tab.
Export Save values of an edited tab with the ".bmgrp" file extension. File names will be automatically set.